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Congratulations to the Perennial Dynasty...ZELL!!!

2019-2020 AAMHL Presumptive Champions

ZELL Nation

Back row: D. Foster, J. Kless, G. Navarre, S. Hurd, C. MacGillivray, D. Huntzicker, 

Front row: D. Schueler, M. Reid, D. Schroeder, D. Kowal, N. Glysson

Not Pictured: The rest of you sad sacks.

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Due to the popularity of the league and the demand for available roster positions in the draft, the AAMHL Board has adopted policies that give preference to returning players. All players should understand that voluntarily withdrawing to take a season off (for any reason other than injury) means your ability to return is not guaranteed. 

2019 Winter Registration is Closed!  Thank you for your interest in AAMHL.  The next rate skate will take place on October 23rd at 9pm.



Let's play some puck!

Winter 2019 registration is CLOSED.